Association of traditional dance-chorus

Our History

Pelionyou can not describe it, you live it and you feel it. East of Thessaly it reaches almost all over the peninsula of Magnesia, well-known for its many songs during the age of Homerus, mountain of the Centaurs. Pelion with its 24 villages. One of them is the graphic coastal city of Agria, 8 km south-east of Volos. This is where our Association was founded.


The Research Association of Pelion was established by local women in November 1985. It is a non speculative association, with its basis in Agria Pelion. Our intention is research and reflection on cultural objects, maintenance and rescue of cultural heritage and the elevation of cultural level of the residents of Pelion.


For its contribution the Association has received a lot of honorary distinctions from the local Self-Government, from the Rotarian Society of Northern Greece and by the Greek Organization of Tourism it was honoured in Thessalonica with the Golden Head of Alexander the Great for the impeccable cultural-touristic promotion of our country.

The sensitivity and the respect for the tradition as well as the response of new people in the efforts of our association give us the strength to continue our work to maintain the national characteristics that differentiates and composes our cultural heritage.


March 2017, Agria Pelion


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