Association of traditional dance-chorus
Ελληνική σελίδα

Educational and social activities

From its foundation up to today the Research Association of Pelion has developed activities as for example:

  • The collection of Greek traditional costumes and other material with the intention to have it someday exposed at the Folklore Museum.
  • Foundation of cultural hearths, organization of a frame of cultural events, titled "KENTAVRIA".
  • Educational programs.
  • A department for the exposition of children's costumes.
  • Organized Christmas activities (Christmas fair) with homemade sweets and drinks and topical craftsmanship from the members of the association.
  • Organization and attendance in Greek and international congresses of culture and tourism.
  • Organization of seminars for Greek dances, music and language to promote to foreigners the significance of “Cultural tourism”.
  • Educational excursions are organized with the participation of our members.
  • It generates contacts with other associations, aiming at the exchange of hospitality from Greece and abroad.
  • It has represented our country in international exhibitions of tourism and festivals, organized in countries as Cyprus, France, Austria, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, South Italy - Calabria -, and Switzerland.




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